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Poomsae (Forms)

Poomsae consists of stances, blocks, punches, strikes and kicks arranged in a meaningful order in response to attacks from several directions. This was the only way the ancient masters had to transmit the art since free sparring did not exist until the 20th century.
Through endless repetition (over 100 times for complete understanding) the stundent learns the true nature of each Poomsae: balance, focus, coordination, proper breath control and self-disciplin.

(Free Sparring)

Free sparring is the practical application of self-defense techniques. For safety and courtesy, students are subject to specific rules of conduct when sparring. Full contact is not allowed until Black Belt and the student must wear protective safety gear.
Free sparring during a test is different than during and actual competition. At test time, students are expected to display a variety of offensive and defensive moves showing their skills in distancing, control and mental attitude

One-Step Sparring

One-step sparring techniques are pre-arranged attacking and defending movements which are performed in concert by the participants. Students pair off and one employs various combinations of blocking and counter attacking techniques against the other's punching or kicking attacks. One-steps help to develop the student's reaction time and builds aptitude for accurate counterattacks by hitting the opponents vital spots.

Board Breaking

It is difficult to determine the effectiveness of Taekwondo techniques without causing physical damage to an opponent. Therefore, a student is required to break boards to provide evidence of power and accuracy.
The size, number of boards and degree of difficulty depend upon the student's age and rank. If a student fails to complete the break the first or second time, he or she may ask permission to use another technique.

The star program is to reward the student on there
discipline and focus here, home, and in the classroom

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